Missed Connections

Missed Connections is a song cycle based on found text. The texts are all taken from anonymously posted personal ads found in the “missed connections” section on the classified website: www.craigslist.org. All of the texts have maintained their original structure; only small editorial changes were made for the purpose of clarity.

Video: Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano, and Kelly Kuo, piano
September 2019 at UC-Boulder, CO

Recording: Christina Baldwin, soprano, and Lara Bolton, piano
August 2014 in Minneapolis, MN

Scores available in all voice ranges and piano.
Original 2006 version for soprano, clarinet, viola, and guitar (or piano) also available.

Soprano, clarinet, viola, and guitar version
Recording: Gregory Peebles, voice; Darren Bartolo, clarinet; Maria Ritzenthaler, viola; Sam Krahn, guitar
March 2008, Ganz Hall, Chicago, IL

Soprano, clarinet, viola, and piano version
Recording: Caitlin McKechney, soprano; Cory Tiffin, clarinet; Maria Ritzenthaler, viola; Darren Bartolo, piano
June 7, 2009, The Green Mill Jazz Club, Chicago, IL